Located in the first general store of the western village of Saint-Tite, the Microbrasserie À la Fût Saloon resto-pub invites you to a unique beer and food tasting experience.

  • Local producers

  • 1001 Fondues from Québec

    Matawin cheese fondue

  • Artisan 360 from Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel

    Gluten-free spices and sprouts

  • Belle à croquer from Ste-Thècle

    Edible flowers and herbs (in season)

  • Boucanerie d’Henry from La Baie

    Smoked salmon jerky

  • Boucherie Albert Veillette & fils from St-Tite

    Marinated steaks

  • Boulangerie La Mie de Grand-Mère

    Rye breads and sweets

  • Bouffée d’air & Fourchettes from St-Adelphe

    Various craft products

  • Brûlerie Mékinoise from St-Tite

    Coffee and thea

  • Cidrerie Milton from Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton

    Apple ciders and musts

  • Distillerie Mariana from Louiseville

    Azimut Vodka and Canopée Gin

  • Distillerie Wabasso from Trois-Rivières

    Gin and other spirits

  • Domaine des Vins Gélinas de St-Sévère

    Frontenac white wine

  • Dubuc from St-Georges

    Distribution of various fruits and vegetables

  • Érablière chez Angelo & Anita from Ste-Thècle

    Maple syrup for salad dressing and other recipes

  • Ferme Apicole Mékinac from Hérouxville


  • Ferme Hogue et Huot from St-Séverin

    Eco-responsible beef, grass-fed

  • Ferme Le Jardin d’Olympe from St-Stanislas

    Various bakery

  • Fou du cochon et Scie from La Pocatière

    Various cold cuts

  • Fromagerie des Grondines

    Baluchon cheese

  • Fromagerie St-Guillaume

    Cheese curds

  • Fumées des Monts from St-Alexis-des-Monts

    Fillet of trout

  • Laiterie Lampron from St-Boniface

    Organic milk

  • Laprodéo in St-Tite

    Rabbit meat

  • L’Effronté, Boeuf Highland from Bon-Conseil

    Smoked meat

  • Le Rieur Sanglier from Yamachiche

    Ground wild boar

  • Les Cerfs d’Alexis from St-Alexis-des-Monts

    Miscellaneous game meats from Québec

  • Les Jardins de l’Apothicaire from St-Adelphe

    Mesclun salad (in season) and mushrooms

  • Marché Tradition in Ste-Thècle

    Maple and beech wood smoked chicken

  • Métro St-Tite

    Purchase of various foods

  • Les Pimentiers in Joliette

    Sambal olek

  • Poulet fermier Jym from St-Maurice

    Chicken wings and various pieces of meat

  • Les Spiritueux Iberville

    Amermelade and other spirits

  • Les Subversifs Distillerie from Sorel-Tracy

    Mint cream and other spirits

  • Produits de nos Grands-Mères from St-Séverin

    Homemade mayonnaise

  • Quetzal Kombucha in Shawinigan

    Fermented tea-based beverages

  • Saveurs des Collines de St-Antoine-de-Tilly

    Organic BB Wagyu Beef patties

  • Self Cocktail from Shawinigan

    Cider cocktail

  • Other local suppliers

    Several other local suppliers contribute to the various dishes on our Ardoise menu, according to the season.

Children accepted
from morning to evening!

We have the necessary license to receive the smaller cowboys. They are therefore welcome at all times! We have children’s menus for lunch, dinner and evening – which are coloring, pencils included. Booster seats and small toys are also available.

A business meeting
in St-Tite?

It is possible to open the resto-pub to serve breakfast to a working group. You will enjoy the calm of the restaurant, impeccable service and great coffee roasted on site! Also available for lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays at noon, from October to May. For groups of 10 people or more, reserve at 418.365.4370

Local producers