À la Fût d'chêne / À la Fût d’chêne

Fugitive Camerises

  • Category

    Wild Fermentation 30 months

  • Service

    6 to 8 c

  • IBU

  • SRM

  • Glass


  • Alcohol content

    5% alc./vol.

Our cellar is full of treasures. Rare pearls with which our master brewers will have fun to offer you a series of unique products that will each time be offered in VERY limited quantities: Les Fugitives. This time, we find in the Fugitive haskapberries and inoculated must (voluntary addition of a mixture of wild yeasts and micro-organisms that can remind the Lambic) barrel 30 months, including 5 with haskapberries from the GDM Farm Ricard de La Tuque and Lac Saint-Jean. Fruity wonder guaranteed!