À la Sure


  • Category

    Sour saison

  • Service

    5 to 7°C

  • IBU

  • SRM

  • Glass


  • Alcohol content

    6.3% alcohol/vol.

This acidic beer, freely inspired by Berlinerweisses, is made by working the lactobacilli in the wort. On the nose, we perceive a slight aroma of grains combined with the acid dynamics of the liquid which is released in the smoothness of its foam. In the mouth, it is also its clearly acid and lemony profile that dominates, reminiscent of the freshness of lemonade.

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Available in 473-ml cans.

  • Canadian Brewing Awards

    Canadian Brewing Awards

    2017 – Silver – Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale

  • World Beer Awards

    2016 – Canada's Best Gose

  • Canadian Brewing Awards

    Canadian Brewing Awards

    2015 – Bronze – American Style Sour Beer

  • World Beer Awards

    World Beer Awards

    2014 – Gold – World's Best German Style