Discover our sour, hopped and oak-aged craft beers for which we’re famous.

Example: blonde, red, stout, ipa, collaborative, low-alcohol

Since its creation in 2007, À la Fût’s craft brewers have been avant-garde on many occasions. The founders like to be innovative when it comes to their techniques and how their products are presented, never afraid to try, test and change their ways of doing things. Some examples:

  • One of the first brewers of barrel-aged products in Quebec
  • Among the first breweries to offer products in cans
  • Among the first to develop sour beers and with Brettanomyces yeasts
  • Pioneer in the production of collaborative blends with other microbreweries
  • Among the first in Quebec to distribute products aged in oak barrels in cans.

Today, À la Fût distinguishes itself on the brewing market through its expertise in barrel-aged beers and its sour and hopped canned beers. Its cellar contains nearly 516 oak barrels and about thirty different products are brewed each year, to the great pleasure of À la Fût connaisseurs!

À la Collabo